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Solidus is an open source eCommerce platform that’s made for innovative, high-volume retailers.

Built with Ruby on Rails, it is a “fork” of Spree Commerce 2.4 and shares many of Spree’s attributes: scalable, stable, responsive and customizable.

Solidus comes out-of-the-box with all the basics, so your development budget can focus on the unique features your store requires.

This applies as much to the front-end customer experience as to the back-end admin area, where we can tailor Solidus to match your internal workflows.

Solidus Order Detail Screen
Solidus Admin Order Detail Screen

Do you want your store to deliver an experience that sets you apart in the minds of your customers? Integrate with third party apps? Minimize admin headaches? Our Solidus developers can work with your design team - or our design partners - to build pretty much anything you can imagine.

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Who We Are

We’re eCommerce experts with experience developing Spree and Solidus sites as well as custom Ruby on Rails applications. Most of our clients generate annual revenue in the $1 - 10 million range.

Applying machine learning, recommendation engines, and enhanced site search, our goal is to continually improve your store’s performance and maximize the return on your investment.

Solidus vs Spree Commerce?

Solidus was created in August 2015, just prior to the announcement that Spree Commerce had been acquired by FirstData. While the open source project remains, Wombat, a proprietary product used by many Spree stores, has been shut down.

Open Source Community

Well before the acquisition, it was obvious to the community that Spree Commerce had lost interest in the open source project when key people split.

Solidus has picked up where Spree left off. It's demonstrating the energy and enthusiasm which is the sign of a successful open source project. The first "Solidus Conf 2016" is an important milestone.

Our Advice

  1. If you're starting fresh, go straight to Solidus. It's geared towards the needs of larger eCommerce stores and is supported by a vibrant community of developers.
  2. If you have an existing Spree Commerce store, you don't need to take any immediate action, but consider migrating to Solidus.

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