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We build, optimize, and maintain eCommerce and SaaS solutions for innovative retailers and businesses.

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Development & Consulting Services

Many clients already have an online store when they come to us – but the agency that was great at design and branding isn't the back-end development and ROI expert they need. 

This is where our skill and experience make all the difference.


Setting up your online store correctly can be a challenge, especially if you’re also running a brick-and-mortar business, or if you have complex fulfillment or localization requirements.

We customize your store to match your unique business practices and workflow.


We help you incrementally boost your site’s performance. Using analytics and machine learning, we strategically improve the customer experience for both web and mobile.

This raises key performance indicators (KPIs) like average order size and conversion rate.


Even the most successful eCommerce sites experience technical issues. Our job is to minimize costly disruptions by performing rigorous monitoring and security updates.

We also perform regular upgrades to the Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Spree Commerce, and Solidus back-ends.

Featured Client

Pinrose Campfire Rebel Product Detail Page product detail page for Campfire Rebel.

Pinrose is a luxury brand that's making high quality fragrance a playful and engaging experience for their customers. They're on a mission to leverage technology to help visitors shop in exciting new ways. That's where we come in. Read the case study.

Who We Work With

We’ve been engaged by tech giants, cutting-edge startups, and brick-and-mortar stores struggling with the complexities of moving online. What’s the common thread? Working in tandem with our clients to solve tough business challenges.

Measurable Results

51% jump in conversions​
from mobile after launching updated responsive Wardrobe Supplies site.

71% increase in revenue
using machine learning to recommend wine on United Cellars.

60% cost savings
after auditing the hosting infrastructure with Pinrose.

What Our Clients Say

"Resolve Digital did an excellent job, were professional at all times and adapted quickly to our processes. Above all they were great guys to work with."

— Remy Burger, Product Manager at

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