Our experienced software engineers specialize in Magento, Spree, Shopify, Solidus, and custom Ruby on Rails eCommerce applications.

Our Expertise

When it comes to optimizing customer experience and scalability we help clients with the everyday challenges from ongoing development. We make sure to not only build a good design and functionality for your site, but also make sure your backend is set up correctly and on time.

Creative and forward thinking developers will work with you on building, optimizing and maintaining your projects effectively. If you need a powerhouse technical team or a partner to complete your projects and meet your deadlines, you can trust Resolve Digital to get your product or project developed.

Our Portfolio

"Each aspect of my project was well-planned, executed and managed. Because I knew the web development was in good hands I could concentrate on other elements of my startup, accelerating our time to market."

— Philip Remley, CEO, Degree Story

"The greatest benefit was the peace of mind that we were getting a good product, which allowed me to focus more time on my other responsibilities.”

— Mike Watson, Founder of Cribber

71% increase in revenue when using machine learning to recommend wine on United Cellars.

60% reduction in hosting costs with Pinrose when auditing hosting infrastructure.

51% increase in revenue from mobile after converting Wardrobe Supplies to use responsive design.

Build & Extend

Developing a new store or website? Adding features to an existing site? We provide a wide range of skills and deep experience for your project.

Optimize & Improve

Clients that already have an online store come to us when they are dissatisfied with the partner or platform they currently work with. Most often, the agency that was great at designing their store and branding, was not adept at back-end development or focused on ROI. Those are the areas where our skill and experience make all the difference.

Maintain & Secure

We protect your online store and site from threats using services like Cloudflare, and monitor uptime and performance with Pingdom. If something does go wrong, we offer 24/7 support with speedy response times.


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