Scent-finder application uses technology and science to help customers find and select perfume in a whole new way.

Pinrose is an unconventional luxury fragrance company. Their mission: Use technology and science to help customers find and select perfume in a whole new way.

Their popular scent finder quiz determines your “scent personality” based on the interconnection of your sensory preferences. The options are in the form of images, shapes, colors and sounds, which makes the quiz fun and unique. quiz that finds your scent personality and matching fragrances.

Select the options you’re instantly and instinctively drawn to. The algorithm establishes your scent personality (in my case, the Goddess) and provides three matching fragrances. You can purchase 30ml bottles and/or Pinrose Petal Packs, their perfectly dosed single use fragrance sachets.

Goddess scent personality along with three matching scents. Goddess scent personality along with three matching scents.

The Challenge: Rapidly Changing Requirements

Initially a fixed set of questions was hard-coded. Scoring was written into the code. But it soon became apparent Pinrose needed flexibility to respond to growing business opportunities.

No longer just on their own site, the quiz had to be embedded on other retail sites, and deployed to kiosks at over a hundred Nordstrom stores across the U.S.

The Solution: Editable and Responsive

Our recommendation was to make the quiz editable. This way they wouldn’t have to come back to us to adjust questions, images or scoring for each new application.

We made it fully-responsive so it would fit and work well on any third-party site or mobile device.

Quiz results on iPhone
Quiz results on iPhone

At the same time it was important not to over-engineer a solution. That’s why we used Active Admin and integrated it with the Spree back-end. This approach is efficient; it avoids double entry and results in greater consistency.

Product images and descriptions come from Spree and the administrator can edit which products match up with each persona.

The in-store kiosks use the same web quiz but regularly download a copy of it. This makes is possible to remotely update the quiz without having to change anything on the iPads.

The Impact

Over 100,000 people have taken this quiz and contributed to the recommendation algorithm. Thanks to our close collaboration, Pinrose has a successful marketing and sales tool that works in a wide variety of applications and responds to ever-changing requirements.

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