Georgian Jewelry

With a 20 years of track record in the antique jewelry market, Lisa Stockhammer-Mia, leveraged her expertise and industry authority to enhance her business. Georgian Jewelry’s custom eCommerce website is the result of a visionary shopping experience, providing clients direct access to rare and exquisite jewelry.

Founded in 1992, Georgian Jewelry is a collection of Eighteenth, Seventeenth-Century, and early  Nineteenth Century jewelry. Their products include Fine Estate Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Rings, and Engagement Rings.  They are a family-owned & operated business, with experts on staff who search,  hand pick, and vet the jewelry on their catalog.

With an online presence since 2006, the company is committed to providing exclusive pieces and excellent customer support. Their services include a no-risk guarantee, special markdowns and free shipping worldwide. 

Georgian Jewelry Old Website

The Challenge: a custom eCommerce storefront

The nature of Georgian Jewelry's business requires a delicate understanding of how to showcase one-of-a-kind pieces. The need to compete with boutiques worldwide motivated the company to build an online platform, that would provide immediate and international access to devotees in their niche. They started by building brand awareness through their website and offering online purchases by phone, fax, and online payment. Their extensive catalog has required maintaining a User-friendly look and feel that highights these rare pieces, with easy to access, browse, and purchase options. From managing website content to developing custom checkout options, Resolve Digitial has worked alongside the company to build the best online experience.

As the Georgian Jewelry community grew its niche and continued to need more features, we have built a new design, as well as new integrations. Most importantly, site search, free online shipping, returns, and markdowns. With these, clients have direct access to their ever-rotating catalog to purchase, hold, and request items.  At the same time, the company has been able to create an omnichannel solution to enhance its customer experience. 
Georgian Jewelry has worked with Resolve Digital from the beginning to build, maintain and optimize their eCommerce storefront. Building both the front and back end of their website with our firm has allowed them to maintain the flexibility to edit content quickly and keep up with their product catalog offers. As the company’s market share continues to grow, Resolve Digital continues to be a key partner in the implementation of online tools to interact with customers (i.e. live chat), custom product categories, and custom product pricing; all the while maintaining a simple storefront.

The Solution: Flexible and unique

Having understood the needs of Georgian Jewelry's business,  we have worked together to build a full online experience for the accessory market niche.  Most recently, we have helped the company carry out a hosting migration to improve website security and optimized their page for search from any engine. This has required years of building, optimizing, and maintaining a library of features which has required our team to build custom solutions that integrate seamlessly with the existing website.  At the same time, the product catalog of Georgian Jewelry, called for custom pricing that would automatically reflect at check out, including free shipping and pricing markdowns.

Our top goal has been to provide Georgian Jewelry with the flexibility to establish their unique storefront, without an overly-engineered solution.

Georgian Jewelry website in 2016.

We used Refinery and integrated it with the Ruby on Rails back-end. This efficient approach avoids double entry and results in greater consistency. Content and access come from Rails and the administrator was now able to edit content without having to deal with code. 

The flexibility of our solution has allow for content created to easily upload, edit and deploy on the page. Our work has allowed for fully customizable features, which can easily integrate with their product catalog.

The in-store kiosks use the same web quiz but regularly download a copy of it, making it possible to remotely update the quiz without having to change anything on the iPads in-store.

The Impact

With the work done by Resolve Digital, the company was able to design, build and enhance a unique shopping experience.  During our time as partners, we have created multiple solutions for their storefront as well as system updates. Their commitment to superb customer service and one-of-a-kind pieces available internationally, that customers are actively looking for.  Their online experience has reached over a million Users, who have browsed and purchased from their website continuously.

Thanks to our close collaboration, Georgian Jewelry has a custom storefront and check-out that is easy to access and use from anywhere in the world. 

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