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We seamlessly integrated with their in-house team to quickly ramp up development speed and quality. 

Exam Master Corporation is in the business of providing exam preparation and review software to medical students (USMLE exams), residents (USMLE and Board Certification), physicians (Board Certification and SPEX) and other healthcare practitioners.

Their clients include medical schools, medical libraries, teaching hospitals, test-preparation consultants, and individuals all over the world.  

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The Challenge

The company owns and operates several web applications built on Ruby on Rails through which it delivers its services to its end clients, handles work with their consultants and manages back-office operations. Exam Master had been doing development through an in house team and was experiencing issues with the speed and quality of deliverables, as well as a general lack of clarity on the progress of the development roadmap. It was not clear to the management team whether the speed and quality at which work was delivered was consistent with industry standards. 

The Solution

Exam Master engaged Resolve Digital to help ramp up development speed and replace part of the in house team. Resolve Digital quickly integrated to the existing development efforts and currently leads all major deliverables for Exam Master applications. 

Throughout the past 2 years Resolve Digital has helped Exam Master complete a number of significant projects, including: 

The Result

exam results
"Working with Resolve Digital has given our company the ability to scale our development needs to keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs of our industry. Their team is knowledgeable, experienced and they deliver results that shine."

— Roger Hiers,  Manager of Information Services, Exam Master Corporation

Resolve Digital has successfully been able to increase delivery speed and quality as well as assure Exam Master management that their development budget is being well invested. This has increased Exam Master's confidence in continued technology investments. 

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