Codeinero has built a strong portfolio of B2B Shopify apps by providing value-add software solutions to store owners. As the demand for the applications continued to increase, new leadership needed to step in and restructure the core of their success.

Codeinero is a portfolio of Apps built on .NET, designed for sales and conversion optimization of Shopify storefronts.

ALaunched in 2015, their portfolio has developed a wide range of market-leading features such as “quick buy,” “pre-order,” and “check-out bar” that increase a store’s ability to close a sale. Codeinero’s apps help storefronts target customers who have abandoned their cart, did not complete the payment process, or stopped the purchase process at any point before completion.

The Challenge: Investing in the right partner

The company owned and operated Shopify applications built on .NET, through which it delivers conversion optimization for clients. Having reached an all-time star rating of 4.9/5, Codinero’s leadership decided it was time to have over their development to expert hands. That is when Resolve Digital stepped in as the GO-TO partner who would deliver quality results quickly.

With the need to maintain their applications constantly, they also faced a general lack of clarity on the progress of the development roadmap for their customer support. It became necessary for the new management team that development work would require expert talent in .NET.

Over the past year, we have worked with them on:

The Solution: Ramping up development quality and speed

We have engaged with their new leadership to ramp up their existing development projects and essentially replace part of their former team. Resolve Digital quickly integrated the current development efforts. For example, we optimized their infrastructure for fast response on AWS.

Condinero App

“With Resolve Digital as chosen experts, we were able to come in and work to address issues with performance and compatibility of the applications, particularly with new Shopify themes.”

The Impact: An engaging eCommerce experience

With the work done by Resolve Digital, the applications have been able to acquire expert-level talent to work on their development request without sacrificing delivery spree or quality. Together, we have assured Codeinero that their development budget is well invested and ultimately boosted their confidence about continuing to develop with .NET. Resolve Digital has helped Codeinero complete several significant improvements to the speed and functionality of its applications portfolio. Currently, it leads all effective deliverables and customer support tickets for Codinero’s applications.

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