Charter Schools Development Center

On a mission to move the needle of public education in the United States, from a highly regulated system to one that motivates schools to offer more creative and performance-based teaching, CSDC has excelled at providing easy to access resources to the charter school reform movement in California and all over the world.

After the Charter School Act of 1992 was passed in the United States, the Charter School Development Center (CSDC) was founded. With the idea to continue advocating for the national charter school movement, Executive Director and Founder, Eric Premack helped to draft policies and funding in California.

Overtime, CSDC became has become an important advocate in California’s charter arena, providing renowned leadership training and important informational updates that support the activities of all California charter schools. Today, the company has grown into a unique online site filled with important resources for members and non-members of the California charter schools. With ongoing operational support and access to unique content curated and posted on

Charter Schools Development Center.

The Challenge: National and international assistance

Although CSDC’s mission begins with California, the drive is to be available nationally and internationally. With the charter school movement growing, the need to build an online presence became imperative to their mission. They started by building an online site to publish informational updates about the charter school movement. From choosing a template to building an online content management system, Resolve Digitial has been there from the start. Their unique content required maintaining a User-friendly look and feel that made the material easy to access, reference, and even download.

As the CSDC community found its niche and continued to grow, the site started to add more content modules. Most importantly, their annual membership program. Through it, charter schools, management organizations, vendors, and consultants among others, have access to a network of information through their online portal. At the same time, CSDC was able to create an online solution that helps support their ongoing services.
CSDC has worked with Resolve Digital from day one to build, maintain and optimize their online site experience. Building both the front and back end of their website with our firm has allowed them to maintain the flexibility to edit content quickly and keep up with regulatory demands for the organization. As its mission has scaled, Resolve Digital has been a key partner in adding online training programs, effective resources, and certifications.

The Solution: Flexible and Responsive

Understanding the ins and outs of CSDC’s mission, we have worked together to build a full online experience for the charter school community. Most recently, we have helped the company carry out a custom integration with salesforce, implemented and adapted a custom content handler, and built a new page for their Governance Academy initiative. This has required years of building, organizing, and optimizing a library of online content, which has required our team to build web pages consistent with their brand identity. At the same time, the valuable network of CSDCs membership program, called for custom integration with the salesforce CRM, to provide a central database to distinguish members and non-members, to detonate important and timely messaging, and most of all connect with their online community. Our top goal has been to provide CSDC with the flexibility to establish their leadership online, without an overly-engineered solution.

For starters, we used Active Admin and integrated it with the Ruby on Rails back-end. This efficient approach avoids double entry and results in greater consistency. Content and access come from Rails and the administrator was now able to edit content without having to deal with code. The what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor allows for webmasters and content created to easily upload, edit and deploy new content on the page. Our work has allowed for fully customizable content, which can easily integrate with a CRM and keep access to the platform resources as easy as possible.

"Resolve Digital makes it happen. They great listeners who not only take the time to thoroughly understand our technical requirements but also go a step further to realize efficiencies and avoid headaches. They put us in control of our technology, writing integrations with legacy platforms that continue to serve us well, and building totally custom functionality where innovation is required. We have done a much better job of serving our member schools through our collaboration with Resolve Digital."
-Greg Hall, Marketing and Technology Manager.

Mobile Feature for CSDC website

With the work done by Resolve Digital, the company was able to design, build and integrate unique content for their online community. During our time as partners, we have created multiple solutions for their content platform as well as system updates. Their commitment to advocating for charter schools has extended internationally, providing a network of support and services Users are actively looking for. Their online experience has reached over 350 charter schools who have signed on to their online membership and contributed to the personalization of their site experience.

Thanks to our close collaboration, CSDC has a successful CRM tool and WYSIWYG editor that are easy to access and understand, which makes it simple to connect with community advocates and members.

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