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Reducing Delivery Errors with Real-Time Address Validation Saves Time and Improves the Customer Experience.

3D Robotics (3DR) is the smartest and most technologically advanced drone company in the world. The demand for their products is high and rapidly growing, but their Spree Commerce store was facing a serious problem: incorrect and invalid shipping addresses.

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The Situation

Invalid shipping addresses needed to be manually corrected, delaying shipments from going out on time. 3DR came to us to implement a solution to ensure address validation for all US and Canadian orders.

An undeliverable address, the wrong ZIP code, a typo in the street name, even a missing apartment number – these sorts of errors cost eCommerce retailers time and money.

Incorrect addresses delay deliveries and cause packages either to be delivered to the wrong destination or returned as “undeliverable.” Though the cause may be user error, the effect is a poor customer experience.

Ultimately, businesses are responsible for timely and accurate deliveries. This is why it’s so important to validate recipient addresses before dispatching orders. By presenting customers with address suggestions in the checkout process, they can easily select an accurate, properly formatted address.

The Solution

FedEx Address Verification in Checkout Process

The issue with address validation occurred in Netsuite, which uses the FedEx address validation APIs, so it made sense to use these same APIs in the Spree checkout process to ensure consistency.

On the customer side, our goal was to minimize the number of steps required to complete the transaction. Our solution: a popup modal window that prompts customers to select the entered address or the validated one.

The validated address is saved so there’s no need to display the modal window for any future orders, and all stored addresses are verified.

The Result

With the address verification implementation more than 2/3 of our e-commerce customers are selecting the recommended, cleansed addresses from the Fedex Address Service before they checkout. This implementation is helping us minimize the address related issues when we are ready to ship to our customers.

— Ogzu Tokgoz, IT Director, 3D Robotics

This solution dramatically reduces the number of manual adjustments necessary to fix shipping addresses, and ensures packages are dispatched as swiftly as possible – leading to happier customers and lower costs.

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