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Jenni Kayne

Jenny Kane

In the competitive and ever-changing market of online retail, Jenni Kayne has excelled at scaling their business by investing in features that build trust and loyalty with customers. Using custom development, they offer customers a unique shopping experience for apparel and home decor.

Exam Master

Exam Master home page

Exam Master Corporation is in the business of providing exam preparation and review software to medical students (USMLE exams), residents (USMLE and Board Certification), physicians (Board Certification and SPEX) and other healthcare practitioners.

Charter Schools Development Center

Charter Schools Development Center.

On a mission to move the needle of public education in the United States, from a highly regulated system to one that motivates schools to offer more creative and performance-based teaching, CSDC has excelled at providing easy to access resources to the charter school reform movement in California and all over the world.


Condinero App

Codeinero.net has built a strong portfolio of B2B Shopify apps by providing value-add software solutions to store owners. As the demand for the applications continued to increase, new leadership needed to step in and restructure the core of their success.

Georgian Jewelry

Georgian Jewelry Old Website

With a 20 years of track record in the antique jewelry market, Lisa Stockhammer-Mia, leveraged her expertise and industry authority to enhance her business. Georgian Jewelry’s custom eCommerce website is the result of a visionary shopping experience, providing clients direct access to rare and exquisite jewelry.


Pinrose is an unconventional luxury fragrance company. Their mission: use technology and science to help customers find and select perfume in a whole new way.


Popchips' homepage

Popchips produces a delicious line of popped potato chips. A growing brand, Popchips’ legal team reached out to Resolve Digital to help make their website ADA compliant and ensure that their website is accessible to people with disabilities. 

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply hair category page

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply (MWS) is a purveyor of hair, makeup, and wardrobe care products for film, theater, and TV professionals. To better serve their New York City customers, they were expanding their store in Chelsea – but online, things weren’t so rosy.

United Cellars

How a machine learning recommendation engine increased a popular online wine retailer's sales by 71%.


3D Robotics store

Silicon Valley’s premier drone company and North America’s largest drone maker, 3DR puts nothing less than magic in your hands.

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