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Spree Commerce is a flexible open source platform built with Ruby on Rails. We’ve been developing Rails applications since 2007 and this experience enables us to handle even the most challenging Spree implementations.

Our Spree developers are well-versed in the code base and understand how to correctly use variants, taxons, properties, options, and prototypes to build a store that’s easy to navigate, manage, and grow.

We know when and how to customize your Spree site to improve the front-end user experience and back-end work flow. We can upgrade to a newer version of Spree, or help you migrate to Solidus.

We’re always looking for opportunities to improve performance, from making your site faster to increasing your conversion rate.

Featured Spree Commerce Stores


Pinrose is an unconventional luxury fragrance company. Their mission: Use technology and science to help customers find and select perfume in a whole new way.

3D Robotics

3D Robotics store

Silicon Valley’s premier drone company and North America’s largest drone maker, 3DR puts nothing less than magic in your hands.

Resolve Digital is a Spree Commerce Certified Partner. They are thought leaders on all things Spree and eCommerce. With their strategic, results-driven approach they’re a superior choice to partner with.

— Melissa Pegus, Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Spree Commerce Inc.

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Spree Commerce Developers We’re eCommerce experts with experience developing Spree and Solidus sites as well as custom Ruby on Rails applications. Most of our clients generate annual revenue in the $1 - 10 million range.

Applying machine learning, recommendation engines, and enhanced site search, our goal is to continually improve your store’s performance and maximize the return on your investment.

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