We are all in this together

Whether you’re looking for a trusted development partner, need ongoing development, or on-demand support, our team of experts is ready to share our 18 years of experience in building, maintaining and optimizing Ruby on Rails solutions.

We focus on your return on investment. In our experience, clients who are dissatisfied with their current solution have experienced slow ROI from an inconsistent agency or team. They have also faced mountains of maintenance that have slowed down their productivity and increased their costs. Our mission is to provide you with solutions that put an end to these issues and focus on what is most important – your Rails site.

How we help

We have a first-rate team ready to work with you on a specific project or add expertise and firepower to your in-house team. Resolve Digital can be your go-to fixer, your ideal consultant or your trusted partner among Ruby on Rails Development Companies, at any stage of your business. With our experts there is no need to start from scratch!

    Build & Extend

    We provide a wide range of skills and deep experience for your project and find new opportunities to deliver unique value propositions over time. We are able to do so thanks to our knowledge and extensive usage of many other technologies like: React/Angular, PostgreSQL, Redis, Redshift, AWS.

    Optimize & Improve

    Our experience will accelerate your development with RoR and build quality results for your site. We’re about the big picture and the small details at the same time. With Resolve Digital your site will benefit from: Speed and Performance audits, Machine Learning, Advanced Site Search & Conversion Cosulting.

    Maintain & Secure

    We also make sure that your online store and site are protected from threats using services like Cloudflare, and monitor uptime and performance with Pingdom. If something does go wrong, we offer 24/7 support with speedy response times.

What we deliver

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How United Cellars drove 71% boost in sales by updating their customer experience.

Monitor Reveal

How Pinrose reached over 100,000 users with their unique scent-finder quiz.

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