Our expert team of developers can help you build, maintain and optimize your Spree Commerce solution. We bring over a decade of Spree Commerce experience, a reliable development process and trustworthy team of experts.

We are all in this together

Over the past 18 years we have built a solid track record in building, optimizing and maintaining top-of-the-line eCommerce and SaaS solutions with Spree. We specialize in customizing your Spree site to improve its front-end user experience and back-end workflow. We can upgrade to a newer version of Spree, or help you migrate to Solidus. We’re always looking for opportunities to improve performance, from making your site faster to increasing your conversion rate. Our focus is your Spree site. You can trust us to manage on-time deliverable, quality control and budget productivity. Whether you’re looking for a trusted development partner, need ongoing development or as needed support our number one goal is to achieve the highest return on your investment.

How we help

As a forward-thinking company, our purpose is more than just to provide a steady source of income for our team and shareholders. We aim to create long standing relationships with clients who trust us to have their best interest in mind and use our expertise to meet their every business challenge.

    Build & Extend

    We customize your store to match your company’s unique business practices and workflow, and work with you to meet the complex challenges of fulfillment and localization requirements. We use analytics and machine learning to boost your site’s performance and empower the experience customers have with your brand. We optimize important KPIs like average order size and conversions.

    Optimize & Improve

    We work with web and mobile applications to offer a suite of services aimed at achieving optimal use of the latest technology available to your business, including: Speed and Performance audits, continuous A/B testing, Machine Learning, Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics consulting, Conversion consulting, Cross-selling and Upselling, Content Management & more.

    Maintain & Secure

    We also make sure that your online store and site are protected from threats using services like Cloudflare, and monitor uptime and performance with Pingdom. If something does go wrong, we offer 24/7 support with speedy response times. When it comes to SpreeCommerce we provide a wide range of skills and deep experience for your project, and find new opportunities to deliver unique value propositions over time.

What we deliver

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How 3DR cut down manual work with a simple verification solution.
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How MWS became Mobile-First so quickly.

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