Why does your organization exist?

Sol Dieguez · Jan 30, 2013 · 1 min read · Share:

We work on stuff that matters. We make a difference. But for us to make a difference for you too, we need you to answer one question: why does your oganization exists?

You see, we don't just blindly build what you ask for. And we don't assume you know exactly what you're looking for. If we understand what your organization stands for and why we should care about it, this provides context which will help us delight you and your customers.

Simon Sinek has a great TED talk titled "How great leaders inspire action". I highly recommend our clients watch it and think about the question of "why?" in their business.

Here's a snippet from the talk:

Every single person, every single organization on the planet knows what they do, 100 percent. Some know how they do it...

But very, very few people or organizations know why they do what they do. And by “why” I don't mean “to make a profit.” That's a result. It’s always a result. By “why,” I mean: What’s your purpose? What’s your cause? What’s your belief? Why does your organization exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?

— Simon Sinek

"Why does your organization exist?" written by Sol Dieguez.

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