Upgrading Your Store from Spree to Solidus

Barry Harrison · Oct 29, 2015 · Share:

Spree Commerce has finally made the long-awaited announcement on the future of the open source project.

"We will be spending significantly less time as a company on the Spree project. Several of our employees remain personally interested in the Spree OSS project, but as a company we can no longer dedicate significant resources to this effort."

This comes as no surprise to anyone in the Spree community. There’s been minimal activity on the project for months. Nor does it answer the question on the minds of every store owner currently running on Spree: “What do I do now?”

First, be assured that security patches made by Solidus contributors are being included back into Spree. While security is not an issue at the moment, it very well may be in the future.

Solidus 1.0.0 is an updated fork of Spree 2.4 so that migration path is pretty straightforward. If you’re on an older legacy version of Spree, it generally makes sense to upgrade to 2.4 and then switch to Solidus.

If you’re currently running Spree 3.0, sit tight. Solidus 1.1 will have a migration path from Spree 3.0 so we advise you wait until that’s released.

And what about Wombat? In the wild, the average lifespan of a wombat is 15 years. Spree’s killing their Wombat in less than two: It’s being discontinued as of March 31, 2016. The integrations for Wombat have always been open source and will remain so, but they won’t be maintained.

The main point is there’s no reason to panic. Just take the logical next step on the path to Solidus and ensure that your store is moving in the right direction. And contact us if you need some help.

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