Outsourcing Oasis: How To Build Your Business With Outsourcing

Max Barrera · May 18, 2020 · Share:

Rory Laitila Director of Services at itr8group was recently featured on the Outsourcing Oasis podcast. He shares his unique insights on outsourcing, walking us through his journey from outsourcing novice to agency owner.   

Rory is a business graduate and entrepreneur who turned to tech as a means of developing his business ideas. He started his journey with outsourcing early, having outsourced his first two projects while still in college. In the beginning, Rory didn't understand the software delivery process as well as he does today. He shifted his focus towards learning about software near the end of college. Where he learned to program so he could work on his own projects to stretch the development budget.  

Let’s jump into some of the highlights.  

Be conscious of your budget

This is especially important when the person overseeing the project doesn’t have a clear understanding of the software delivery process. Don’t get blinded by the sparkle of feature development. Try focusing on features that are strategically important. Start by building features that will bring money in the door, and not long-term scaling features. 

You can't outsource vision

You can’t outsource vision, that’s a big mistake. The person leading the project must have situational awareness and a clear understanding of the owner’s vision.  

One of the most important factors for success when choosing a development partner is choosing someone with a genuine interest in your product or in the project your building. You’re looking for someone who asks questions. Generally speaking, partners that ask questions tend to get things right the first time. 

Cutting down on the back and forth will ultimately save you time and money. 

Good Communication

You need to be good at writing user stories. Good communication and well-structured user stories will result in better delivery. We can't stretch this point enough good communication is key to succeeding with outsourcing.   

Fore more of Rory’s thoughts on outsourcing – including the top three things you should be outsourcing now – check out the full episode on the Outsourcing Oasis Podcast or listen below. 



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"Outsourcing Oasis: How To Build Your Business With Outsourcing" written by Max Barrera.

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